Welcome to Mermaid Club! 1-800-537-6133

As an approved Mermaid Club assembler you will be creating our exclusive line of Beach and Resort Jewelry. Our products our 100% hand made in the USA which is why we need you. Upon approval, we buy back your creations and then wholesale them directly to fine Resort & Coastal Gift Shops. You are not required to sell anything, that is our job! We need you to create our products at home so we can continue to grow our company and line of jewelry.

Email us today at
mymermaidclub@yahoo.com or Call 1-800-537-6133

Projects We have to Offer:
Starfish Stretchy Necklace (TK1)
Sugar Starfish Earrings (TK2)

Sand Dollar Earrings (TK3)
Wrap Loop Shell Earrings (TK4)
Rhinestone Shell Pendant (TK5)

Wrap Loop Shell Bracelet (TK6)
Rosary Style Shell Bracelet (TK7)
Sand Dollar Cluster Earrings (TK8)
Starfish Cluster Earrings (TK9)
Double Crystal Shell Earrings (TK10)

Starfish Glam Band (TK12)